Key Projects

PRODRILL has worked on some of the largest projects across Egypt for Alstom.
The Arab Contractors (AC), Cairo Airport Travel, and Al Ezz Dikheila Steel Company (EZDK) to name a few.

Alstom’s Beni Suef to Asyut (BSA) railway project

Alstom, a global leader in the transportation sector, has been commissioned by Egypt National Railways (ENR) to digitize the Beni Suef – Asyut railway line in Egypt. Various crossings and obstacles, parallel to the railway, need to be overcome. PRODRILL, Alstom’s preferred horizontal directional drilling (HDD) subcontractor, has been contracted to overcome these barriers.

So far, PRODRILL has managed to drill under wide water channels and a road tunnel along the railway line, using HDD techniques and methodologies. These bore paths will be used to install 600-meters of pipes in length and pull back bundles of 10, 13 and 16, 125-millimetre high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes at a maximum depth of 36-meters.

This will allow Alstom to install state-of-the-art signaling solutions, which guarantee high safety standards and seamless travel on the rail line.

Cairo's Nile Fountain

Built in 1956, the iconic Nile Fountain, also known as the Gezira Fountain, was out of order for four-decades. The Arab Contractors (AC), in partnership with Cairo Governorate and three ministries, decided to bring the fountain back to life. PRODRILL was subcontracted to extend 350-meters of high-voltage cables imbedded inside high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes. Using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) methodology, we drilled 20-meters into the ground off the shore in the Gezira district, and under the bed of the Nile River, to pullback and install the cables to the base of the fountain. Today, spectators can enjoy the fountain as it dances nightly.

EZDK steel facility project

Ezz Dekheila (EZDK), located in Dekheila west of Alexandria, is the largest steel manufacturing facility in Egypt. In November of 2021, EZDK’s facility flooded due to old sewage pipes that needed to be replaced. PRODRILL was contracted to do just that. However, we were faced with having to cross the busy Alexandria – Marsa Matrouh Highway and three railway tracks, without bringing them to a halt. PRODRILL replaced 150-meters pipe with a 710-millimeter diameter. We managed to complete the project, successfully, within ten days.